Social Responsibilities

Grocery Aide and Rice

The continuing rise of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the serious threat to the health, safety, security and lives of our countrymen, the long-term adverse effects on their means of livelihood, and the severe disruption of economic activities.

  • April 4, 2020 the schedule distribution of DMPI Employees 13th month pay and Rice allowance of hourly paid who are member of BCC.
  • BCC compliance with the republic act 11469 (Bayanihan to Heal as one act) related to thirty (30)-days grace period.
  • Accepting thru call and text orders with a minimum purchase of Php300 grocery items.
  • Special Grocery Loan Package
    • Guidelines
      • All members can avail the loan product, regardless of loan status and share capital.
      • A maximum of Php 3,000.00 worth of Grocery Goods payable within 1 year.
      • BCC will charge 6% per annum with NO PENALTIES & Service Fee.
      • Must be availed at ONE TIME and at FULL AMOUNT of Php3,000.00. The loan will be in the form of Gift Certificate in Php 1,000.00 denomination. No CASH out policy.